How to get the files for Suwarrow (Suvarov)

This is an explanation of how to get the files. The illustrations are screen shots showing how I went about it, they are not active parts of the program. Clicking on them won't "work" - except the pictures might get bigger and clearer!  To get back to the smaller pictures click on the X in their top right corners.

First I selected the World Index from the list at the top left :-
        (The World Index is the Library's front door, you cannot easily get to the download files  any other way)

The Index Map appeared.
I zoomed in towards the position of Suwarrow (Blue Pin) and clicked on the pin

Clicking on the blue pin opened the information window shown below :-

This is the window which provides access to the Suvarov track files. 

Google lets you drag the map around but you cannot drag the window itself
To download the Google Earth file I clicked on the "here" link next to KMZ.

This let me download the Suvarov Google Earth file from the library .......

Opening the file with Google Earth produced the screen below. (I had Google Earth installed)

This shows the arrival and departure track provided by Vagabond Heart.

To see more detail of the entrance I zoomed in.
Here is a zoomed in view of the pass and anchorage :-

The lower left side bar shows that photos are enabled - their icons are shown superimposed on the image.

Google images can be saved on your computer for those peaceful times when there is no internet.

Click   File > Save > Save Image  and save to a folder on your computer, in My Documents for example.


When you have a Google image like this alongside your planning chart you are halfway there !!............           ....well almost.

      So try the World Index and see what the Library has in stock !

And if you have tracks which could be added to the Library do please let me know ......see the Contact page (Link top left)

 Sorry but this isn't really a proper Blog.  It was just a rather handy way of building the Library!

The posts below this are mostly experiments and jottings to remind me what I need to do and notes on what I have been doing.
Don't worry about them too much. (Well actually I am quite delighted to post the first one!)

 You can enter the Library itself via the World Index 

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