World Index

Index Map  

There are two distinct stages in viewing a track:

Selecting the track you wish to view from the index map(s)

And then downloading and opening the appropriate file   


                           Please scroll down to the explanation below the map

(An example of using the indexing system is given in the margin to the right of this page. You might like to try it now if this is your first visit)

Boxes and Balloons.
Most of the anchorages, tricky passages and harbours in the Library are located within the "Boxes" or under the "Balloons/Pins" on the map above.  Zoom in to see the smaller ones.

So if you are interested in a particular region go straight to its Box or Balloon.....

1.   Click in the Box or on the Balloon. 

 This causes an Information Window to pop up.

This window will lead you to a larger scale index map. (The routes shown  are  only sketches)

2.   Select (click on) the sketch of the route you are interested in.
The info window for that route will pop up offering  you the download links to the track files.
3.   Download the file(s) you require

These tracks are normally either short extracts from long, donated tracks (the Editing Policy link gives more details) or shorter tracks specifically for that area. 

For tracks of long passages.......
1.   Select (click on) one of the routes sketched on the Index Map above. 
This causes an Information Window to pop up.
This window gives a brief description of the donated track and provides the download links to the files.
2.   Download the file(s) you require

  The tracks directly obtainable from the World Index map are usually long and the files quite large.

As mentioned above most of the anchorages and tricky passages are also available as shorter tracks within the  boxes.........

Even if you cannot (or do not wish to) use other boats' tracks in your navigation system, try a few of the .kmz  files just to see what the anchorages and harbours look like from above.  Google's imagery is often quite amazing and even some of the photos can be  helpful.
(you must have Google Earth    installed on your computer).

Please note that clicking on lines, boxes or pins only works when your mouse cursor (arrow or hand) becomes a finger - and possibly a few moments more.  How quickly this happens depends upon the speed of your browser, your connection and your computer - I hope you do not find it taking too long.


Anonymous said...

The file "X_The Southern Cross_Chesapeake_PGPX" downloads as .txt not ,=.gps

John said...

Many thanks Anonymous. Sorry about that. It should now be fixed.