Editing Policy

  • I have  contacted the donors of all tracks in the Library.    I also have a large separate collection of tracks from other sources that I have been unable to contact. If you have a query about an area not included in the library please drop me a line and I will gladly pass on anything that I might have.
  • I retain all donated tracks in their original form and can supply copies if requested,
  • Extracted tracks are derived from the donated tracks. I try to remove all hand-drawn sections  so that the track is derived entirely from a GPS source.
If I suspect that the GPS coordinates have been shifted from WGS84 for any section of track, I remove it. I make no attempt to correct it. I have devised a method for detecting shifted tracks and I take considerable care not to include any in the Extracted files.
  I also remove any planning routes, and most waypoints marks and comments. (These are still available on the original donated tracks).  I then use GPSU to provide GPX, PTF and Google versions of the track.
  • Extracted file names carry the prefix X_                                                                    
  •            I do not add any track points. I do not shift any track points
  • In spite of all the above you should never use the tracks for navigating and you do of course download them entirely at your own risk.

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