Electrical Supply

Bluesipp carries three separate 12 volt battery supplies.

Bank A  6 volt Traction Batteries connected to supply 12volts          Capacity   450 Ampere hours
Located in the aft cabin

Bank B  2x Heavy Duty Batteries                                                        Capacity   340 Ampere hours
Located in the forward cabin near windlass and water maker.

1x Gel Engine starter Battery                                                               Capacity    75 Ampere hours
Located in the aft cabin near the starter motor.

Bank B supplies the HF radio and to avoid earth loops is electrically isolated from all other batteries*.
Bank B supplies all electronic navigational equipment, the water maker and the windlass.

Bank A supplies domestic equipment and lighting
Bank A supplies navigation lights

Bank B is fed from an engine mounted 90A alternator
Bank A is fed from an engine mounted 60A alternator - which also feeds the starter battery.

*Ultimately every piece of equipment shares the sea water as an "earth"

Charging when connected to shore supply is via a Xantrex 20 Amp smart charger
Charging whilst under sail alone is available from the Aquair 100 towed water turbine, this provides a reliable 5Amps when sailing at hull speed.

The Aquair also has a wind turbine which supplies charging current when at anchor.
Additionally Bluesipp carries two small solar panels which we use to keep the batteries fully charged when we are away.

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