The Google Maps Catastrophe

                   It seems there is little hope of Google restoring Maps to its previous standard. Sadly we are left with a seriously downgraded product.   The maps on this site have been compulsorily transferred to the new version and apart from a much clumsier appearance the Information Windows are much more difficult for navigators to use.  Worse than that though is that the tools for entering new tracks have been removed so I cannot add to those at present in the Library. And the final blow is that early in 2015 Google removed support for KMZ files so all my existing index maps will either be corrupted or disappear.  So this site becomes junk.   I still have all the track files and will gladly send links by email to anyone who would like them,  but there seems no way forward -or back!. Again I am very sorry - and saddened!

The links still remain in the margins lower down in case you are able to make use of them. You can go straight to the "new" version of the World Index here

Fair winds and friendly seas

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