More Map Mysteries

The World Index has become a problem again.  I drew a polygon for Aus E with page#1 open because the box was there. And "done". Went to site and there it was - immediately. Went back to Maps and it was gone........ Went to page #2, still nothing.    But eventually at the bottom of #2 I saw Google was offering 1,2,3,4,5.  And on #5 I found the gone poly.  So I deleted it, with some relief.  It went from #5 BUT it did not go from the site.  Wrote to Barry Hunter in some confusion.  Then maybe two hours later it HAD gone from the site........................So it seems like two snags. One, the Maps paging mess. Two, the return of slow site updating.  Odd that slow updating returned between rapid recording of the poly and very slow recording of its cancellation.  How to proceed?

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