A worrying hour or two

I was trying to tidy the desk top on the Toshiba - or Tosipaha as s/y Liv calls it.  I dragged the Dropbox icon into a "General" folder. It said it didn't wish to go because Dropbox was in use. I clicked cancel. Then a ghastly message popped up saying 2,017 files had been deleted. Shock and extreme horror......... they were indeed gone. And from my main computer as well.         Dropbox happily have prepared for idiots and allow any deleted file to be recovered. That was very very welcome news. But the thought of recovering 2017 files one by one was fairly horrid and even worse was the fear that all the links would have to be remade.  On further reading I found that whole folders could be restored and the links to files within them worked again. Immense relief!      So what had I done? Perhaps I had somehow hit delete.   Anyway I determined to try dragging the icon again. Exactly the same procedure as last time, and I certainly did not hit "Delete" but deleted again they were.  Still recovery was quite quick this time, and I shall be leaving the Dropbox icon exactly where it is.  

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