New Zealand, Fiji, Vanuatu

Another extensive and fascinating collection of tracks from Taniwani.    But an interesting question of "editing" arises.  Tracks show where a vessel has been, and on those occasions when tracking has not been activated the track followed can be drawn in later by hand.  For the vessel's own records this is quite usual. But for the library it presents a slight problem...............what to do about portions of a track that have NOT been recorded via the GPS ?   I have decided that I must remove these track sections.   On my own (ie Bluesipp's) tracks I had drawn these sections in in a distinctive colour so there could be no confusion. But once these tracks go through the GPSU file converter the colour difference is lost. So I have removed all hand-drawn tracks.  And the same goes  for all other boats. Pity but there it is - or was.   Because this process takes time it may be a day or so before this set of tracks gets into the index.

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