Index Change?????

Originally I had intended only to include a few KML files, but they do give such an excellent way of following past voyages. So I started including them for all tracks. But the files can be huge and having to download a KML file for an entire voyage just to check on a track in a single anchorage is not a good idea. In the case of the very first voyage in the library (Alb) I split her track into what I thought to be useful sections and consequently the KLM files were more reasonable. I have now come to Taniwani's voyage from Capetown to the Azores including anchorages in St Helena, Brazil , Noronha and the islands of the Azores group.  It seems a pity not to include the entire track of such a splendid voyage but unnecessary to include a KML file for the whole way. So possibly I should think of separate sections to the Library.............Voyages/Passages and then Shorter Cruises/Extracts from Voyages. Then only the tracks included in the second section would be available for download in the KML format..........??          Maybe Voyages/Passages should be exactly as received and only the second section subject to the "Editing Policy" ......??  More thought needed  .......This would de-clutter the World Index. Perhaps the WI could include sketched areas to indicate sub areas  ie larger scale charts ???????

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